our services
Bring your vision for your brand to life, with quality design solutions at Acelin Creations. A good design is visually appealing, engaging while maintaining excellent user experience without losing functionality, regardless of the device it is being viewed from.
Great design and development complement each other, which is why we work alongside our expert team of web developers to develop websites that add value to your brand.
We specialise in open-source platforms like WordPress, Magento and Drupal.
Mobile is not an afterthought. Day by day users are accessing online information on the go - using smartphones and other mobile devices. At Acelin, we develop mobile-friendly websites, that offers a faultless user experience.
System Admin & Security
Maintaining an online presence is not just setting up a site and going live. It is necessary to have your site accessible to users 24/7 without any technical difficulties and security issues. While you look growing your brand, we help you maintain a platform that is robust, scalable and secure.

Coding is in our hearts, bones, we live it, and so, we do it! Taking our passion as a job has been a dream come. And so we build for you, and for our satisfaction! When we see an online business coming live through our developed web application or new features we added eased their customer experience, it’s those moments we live for.

our works

With PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, we dig deep into our work and aim to be a step ahead than our competitors. So when you come to us, we can provide the best service you can get over the net.


You know what is in the market? Applications which load early, unique features and where customers are satisfied. Keeping these in mind, we create your websites. So, next time you sell something, let your customers have a hassle free experience.

planning & strategy

Brainstorming is the first step in designing, and definitely using WordPress as CMS! To complement the multi-device environment, we have HTML5.

design & development

Depending on your requirements, we build applications. Whatever you need, we are here for you, just like Genie was for Aladin!

testing & delivery

Ensuring the application won’t cause any trouble is a must. Testing the developed product more than once, before delivering, is our way.

Maintenance & enhancements

It is our prior duty to look after your site. We add new features and keep the website up to date.

What our clients say

Acelin has some of the most experienced members. We also have had clients from all paths of the business. We use this experience to provide you with the best product we have created and you have had!

Devang Majethia
Excel Entertainment

“Rina handles our company website. She is very efficient and really quick with all the changes given to her. She maintains a good rapport with the whole team and is very easy to work with and quite precise. I have been working with her for almost 3 years now and she has been a really great support. Thanks!”

Bhowmik Shah

“Rina has helped me with multiple projects related to developing and maintaining Drupal and WordPress sites. Her knowledge of the technology around these CMS platforms is immense and she also understands the intricacies of how to extract the best out of these platforms. What I also appreciate is how she is around to provide support for the development that she has done. Her planning and attention to detail is immensely helpful to ensure on track execution of a project. I would gladly recommend her to anybody looking at quality Drupal and WordPress work.”


Acelin Creations has done a really great job of making the website www.sahityasanskruti.com based on drupal. The design chosen and implemented by your team has been trendy and robust. The site has been performing good due to regular security updates done from time to time. I’m glad I decided to work with you. This was one of the first marathi websites with many new features like subscription, social media integration implemented successfully. Appreciate your inputs and services. Looking forward to work with you on our future projects. Thank you Rina and the team!”


Rina and her team are excellent. They know their stuff technically, they’re responsive and they’re reliable. Highly recommended.


Acelin Creations and Rina are the same to me. Having trusted her with my own web presence and at a brief notice, she delivered it before time with her own unique suggestions also incorporated. Changes and support has been excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending her in being able to deliver a variety of websites as per requirement and within the time frame and cost quoted. Go ahead, give her a try.

Akancha Srivastava

It’s been a wonderful experience working with Acelin for last many years over several key projects. In addition to their technical skills, what really stands out for us is their prompt, friendly & helpful attitude which is a unique edge to them. Wish them all the best.

Dr. Nandita Shah

I have always been happy with Acelin Creations friendly services, prompt work and execution. We have worked with them for several years now and I highly recommend them.

Kajal Tejsinghani

It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience working with Acelin Creations. Not only have they helped me set up my website, but the follow up is also excellent.

Shivaum Punjabi
The Cornea Impression

If you want to build your website, Acelin Creations is the company to contact. The team at Acelin are incredibly professional. From understanding every little detail and guiding me through how my website is designed and built. Explaining to me which features are essential to have and which are not necessary and can be added on later. They guide you and advise you as per your requirements and make sure everything is explained very clearly. They are also exceptionally well priced. They are providing you with a proper bang for your buck.

Acelin’s motto is to create unique web applications, so that it adds value and functionality to our clients. We also keep in mind that the web applications provide a seamless experience to our clients’ pages and business.