Trust Builds Acelin
We are Our Clients

All of our clients gave us projects that had a lot of challenges. Be it the UK based consultancy who hosted webinars and we had to build an app for them, or India based NGO for diabetic patients. The UK based client also asked us to update their in-house payment gateway and keep minimum downtime. Do you know what the best part was? We could do it! And we learnt through that project.

On another hand, the NGO has a lot of workshops, doctor appointments and loads of other work which they host on our built website. Thes are only two examples from all of the work we did and still continue to do.  Our portfolio is strong only because of our clients, and the faith they have in us!

Pavillion Mall
Sharan India
Firework Coaching
Akancha Against Harrasment
Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation (JNAF)
Easy Feed
Digital Dubba
Tata litlive
MAMI movie mandi
Excel Entertainment
Flying Saucer
Forever 21
The Cornea Impression
Absolute Productions
Department of Biotechnology
Wangikar laboratory