GROW with Acelin

With Mumbai’s charm and belief in our hearts, we started our journey in 2007, and with our baby steps we came here. Zeal, passion, and coffee are what keep us pushing our boundaries each and every day. Platforms we work on? Drupal, WordPress and the beliefs of our customers!

Starting with consultancies, and ending with studios, our clients expand in all fields of the work. We work on open tools and will ensure your sites aren’t hacked and you enjoy the fullest security while you grow online!


Acelin is one-stop to all your online needs when it comes to web development! We build your page, debug and make sure your experience is smooth, just as ours generally are! We are responsible for the products we deliver to clients. So we do care about the skills and growth of each team member.

  • Fastest delivery
  • Agile approach to development
  • Compelling technology solutions
  • Tight and efficient collaboration among the team members
  • Involvement of our clients
  • Content document and client training 
  • Productive long-term business relationships
  • Best market practices followed
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