Introducing our new website – Acelin Creations

One of the best feelings in the world is to have your own company, to be able to create something of your own. With this very idea only Acelin Creations came into being. 

A Mumbai girl with dreams in her eyes, left her 9-to-5 job and started working as a freelance web developer. Not many days later, did she start Acelin. Starting to acquire colleagues from LinkedIn, and other networking sites, Acelin grew slowly, but steadily.

However, not everything is smooth in life. Everyone falls and gets up, to start all over again. With Acelin, this also happened. Rina being pregnant, Acelin was on standstill.

But now, after three years, Acelin is pedalling on full gear. Acelin is launching its new website. Completely changed layout, regular social posts, rejuvenated team. It is also providing new content if you are interested in it. 

One of the best part of their new website is that, you don’t have to mail/ ping Acelin members for your requirement. They have stated their plans on this page only. And, if you want to be a subscriber of their blogs, posts and whatever is going on with Acelin, just subscribe to their newsletter, and voila! 

Now that you know about their comeback, wouldn’t you say, “This is not the end.”